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8/29/2003-  Updated Rules page with Base Skills table and added a new Time-line.  Check it out, there are some surprises. 
9/26/99-    Added a rough draft of the Monsters Section and added a link to it from the main index.
9/19/99-    Worked on Chaos and Continents of Lodoss sections.
9/18/99-    Updated Rules section, added spells, equipment, etc.
9/12/99-    Added a new section on the Continents of Forceria.
7/18/99-    Added partial translation from Lodoss Compendium 1 Rules (Character Creation, Levels Advancement, Combat
1/11/99-    Did a lot of work on the "Spells of Lodoss" page.  I'm almost done with it, there are only 6 pages left to translate but the other 8 ought to keep you happy until then.
1/4/99-    Happy New Year!  Just added a couple of new pages (Places of Interest, Spells of Lodoss which is under construction) and updated this index page.
12/14/98-    Edited the Index page and cleaned up some spell names thanks to some help from  Erin(Thanks!).  Also uploaded new Places of Lodoss page and images, changed the format on Notable People page thanks to some suggestions from Robb Knotts.
12/9/98-    I wrote up what I had translated on the magic systems of the ancient kingdom of Kastruel and updated the index page.  I also uploaded all of the stuff from last night.
12/8/98-    I did a major overhaul on the Notable People, Dragon, and God pages.  Also updated the index page.
12/7/98-    Worked on the Notable People page.  Added stats and information for characters from the Lodoss Wars Compendium Book 1.

Things are still under heavy construction. Please check back periodically for updates.

Lodoss Wars Game Rules

Alaska Airlines Visa

History of Lodoss

Notable People

Places of Interest in Lodoss

Continents of Forceria

Dragons of Lodoss- King of the beasts

Monsters of Lodoss (Rough Copy)

The Lost Spell System of Kastruel

Spells of Lodoss

Chaos, The stuff of Creation

Gods of Lodoss

Crystania and Lodoss Translation Notes

The Lodoss Wars PBEM

Here are the first two chapters of a little PBEM I've been working on with one of my buddies.  If anybody is interested in joining, I'm currently looking for a couple of new players.  Just send me some E-mail to the address at the bottom and send me a detailed description of the character you would be interested in playing.  Please do not pick any of the characters from the current series since this game takes place well before the first and second anime series.  Thanks.

 PBEM Log1- A Dark Night of Disaster
 PBEM Log2- Night of the Raven

Jonas Mandel

The Lodoss Wars Fuzion based RPG by Mark Chase- This is a great resource for people who want to dive into the world of Lodoss and start playing.  It has many maps and a ton of information.
Kashue's Kingdom by Sean Schuster- This site has a load of information on the latest incarnation of Lodoss Wars anime, the Heroic Knight Quest series.  This site is a work in progress.

Other Sites Maintained by me:
Feil's Files-  A site dedicated to the Japanese TRPG Wares Blade, where magic and machinery combine.  If you like fantasy and mecha you'll definately want to see this.
Panzer World Galient-  This is a site that I put together to gather all the information I've been able to collect on this 1984 classic anime.
World War Two Mekton-  The place to go when you want to cruise around World War Two in mechanized robots.
Microman Web-  This site is dedicated to the Microman toyline newly created by Takara Toys of Japan.  Please stop by and check it out.  If you were a fan of the old Micronaughts toyline you'll love this one.

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