Forceria Chaos

In all the fantasy worlds similar to Forceria there exists a substance challed "chaos".

Even in Forceria "chaos" is a harsh, vicious word used to descibe a dangerous place or a place with a bad denotation.  Chaos is mentioned in may supplements for Forceria but it is used in several different ways and I will try to define it here.

Types of Chaos
    1)  Living Things of Dream and Fantasy
    2)  Compound Spirits
    3)  Chaos Magic
    4)  Apostles of Jakao

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Types of Chaos
There are five type of chaos in Forceria.  There is (1) the living things of dream and fantasy, (2) compound spirit, (3) chaos magic, and (4) apostles of Jakao.

I will go into each respectively.

(1) The Living Things of Dream and Fantasy
At the time that the world of Forcerai was created, the gods classified it into 3 planes, "the spirit plane", "fairy plane", and the "material plane (Human world/Devildom)".  All other things that didn't fit into those three planes were apart of the realm of dreams and fantasies.

The realm of dreams and fantasies is similar to the world of Forceria since it is created by the inhabitants of the material plane.  Since we dream of things in the material plane they will appear in the realm of drams and fantasies.  Gods like the Divine Beast Resufuen, the god of dreams and fantasms can travel into this realm of chaos.  Anybody touched by the gods phosphorus powder will be able to travel to the realm.

Things from the realm that appear in the material plane can inhabit living things and possess a body (usually a dead body).  They can live forever in this state even if the body becomes ruined and decays.  They can then possess another body and live an imortal existance.

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(2) Compound Spirits
An ice salamander is a spirit that has ice powers and fire powers together in one creature.  Such a creature could only be created by the gods since the two different powers couldn't exist in the same being normally.

There also exists a creature that combines the powers of a shade giving it "fright" and "darkness" abilities and a driad's powers over plants.

The combination of "spirit" and "element" is a common specilization for creatures to adapt to their environment.  An ice slamander isn't capable of existing on the material plance since the combination of an "element" with an "element" is so unstable.  This type of spirit combination allows for multible powers.

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(3) Chaotic Magic
Four powerful mages called the Madden (formerly known as the Maddoudouaden from the ancient kingdom of Kastruel) discovered that it was possible to cast stronger magics by combining different elemental magics into a comound magical spell.

For examble,  land+fire = lava (magma).

They called this process of casting magic chaotic magic and called themselves chaotic magicians.  The Kaymal land was an unexpected phenomenon from experiment the chaotic mage Zoshik hadn't quite intended.

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(4) Apostle of Jakou
The existance of this is peculiar for Kaymal.  They consider themselves embodiments of chaos.  They are capable of using the power of chaos.  As Apostles of Jakou they recieve training from beings of chaos and can see spirits.  Jakou is interpreted as a god of chaos.  Inevitably those that follow this path are doomed to loose their minds.  They are more compelled to train as Jakao then have a choice since it is considered torturous.  If they are not able to become embodiments of chaos then they die.

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Conclusion:  Chaos in Forceria
These are the most common points that I can see so far:

1)  Chaos is related to spirits (plural elements of power especially)
2)  Chaos is related to spirits in a dream/crazy way
3)  It is an object that doesn't naturally exist in the material world.  It exits in distinct contrast from anything in general.

Things that aren't capable of existing in the material plane that are formed from chaos aren't capable of influencing the material plane unless a god has created it.  Here is an example of what I'm talking about.

Is the evil spirit Aton chaotic or not?
Aton is a strong compound spirit created from chaos.  He was called into being by the nameless god by the power of chaos.  Maybe people exist in chaos, are born into the material world and return to chaos once they pass on.

Are Dragons chaotic or not?
Dragons existed in the past when the gods were distributing elemental power.  They have an element of power within them.  They have an element that allows them to generate fire, or fly in the air.  They have the element of power of wind that allows them to fly, or the element of power of water that allows them to breath underwater(would it be possible for them to breath under the earth if they had the element of power of earth?).

However they are stable on the material plane.  This also applies to fire giants and frost giants. So they can't be considered chaotic.

Are evil beasts chaotic?
An evil beast created by the magicians of the ancient magic kingdom don't possess elements of power so they can't be considered chaotic even though they were created with chaotic magic.  However,

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