Timeline of Lodoss


This timeline is based on a translation of the Timeline available in the Sword World Lodoss Wars Supplement.The names of people and kingdoms that I wasnít familiar with are as close as I could get them based on the translation.Enjoy-Dave Wolf



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*Several 1000 years ago

Dwarves settle on Lodoss


*Ancient Kingdom Era

Magicians of the kingdom of Kastruel gain enough power to dominate Lodoss


*Ancient Kingdom Era

Azato makes an alliance with Jin and Efrit and they become guardian protectors of his tribe


*Ancient Kingdom Era

Jin and Efrit become sealed away and Azatoís tribe is split in two and the long running feud between the Blazing Tribe and the Wind tribe begins.


*Around year 0

The fall of the Kingdom of Kastruel and the 5 great dragons are cursed to protect the most powerful artifacts of the kingdom.Sarubado becomes the Immortal King and Karla seals her soul into a crown.


*Around year 0

Some tribes of barbarians responsible for the downfall of Kastruel begin building forts and praying to Kardis.


*Around year 50

Naniru, the Queen of the Dead takes up residence in the area around Alania.


*Year 101

Kadmos the First seals Naniru away.The worshippers of Naniru leave the main island of Lodoss.Kadmos the First begins to construct a nation in the area of Alania.


*Year 103

Kadmos the First sends an army to Marmo in pursuit of the followers of Naniru and drive them into the Dark Forest.


*Year 111

Death of Kadmos the First.The army dispatched to Marmo returns home.


*Year 100-200

During these years the barbarian tribes formed kingdoms throughout the lands of Lodoss.The Kingdoms of Kannon, Raiden, Roid, Rudo, Alan, Mani, Lowland, Highland, Han, Persei, and Sarubado and several others come into existence.


*Year 186

The kingdom of Raiden is formed and trade between Alecrust and Raiden begins.


*Year 221

The kingdom of Erbeku is founded in the area presently known and Valice and Roid


*Year 225

The kingdom of Erbeku advances westward and annexes Enon


*Year 228

The kingdom of Erbeku annexes Alan


*Year 229

People in the area of Kannon are prompted to form their own kingdom in order to repel an invasion by the army of King Ezora of Erbeku.


*Year 234

The kingdom of Erbeku annexes Rudo


*Year 236

Erbeku moves north and annexes Mani


*Year 239

The kingdom of Erbeku annexes Lowland


*Year 246

The religion of Falis is established in the kingdom of Erbeku


*Year 247

Kannon begins to take advantage of the decay of the kingdom of Erbeku and starts to expand its borders


*Year 248

Erbeku manages to retain Rudo but looses Lowland and Mani as they fight for independence


*Year 250

Enon breaks away from Erbeku


*Year 251

Erbeku is taken over by the religion of Falis and is renamed the kingdom of Valice


*Year 258

The kingdom of Raiden begins expanding southward


*Year 259

Several kingdoms vie for alliances with some of the ancient guardian dragons.Valice and Tomesketo manage to form such alliances.




*Year 261

Tomesketo annexes Enon


*Year 263

A noble from the Kingdom of Kannon moves to Marmo and forms the kingdom of Brunei


*Year 274

Raiden throws down royal ruler ship and becomes an autonomous city


*Year 284

King Kazuo become ruler of the kingdom of Brunei


*Year 286

The Kingdom of Brunei builds Castle Conquer on the island of Marmo


*Year 295

Knight Commander Aresuta in the kingdom of Brunei starts a rebellion and takes over the kingdom


*Year 300

The School of Mages is established


*Year 362

The kingdom of Sukado is established


*Year 442

Warren ascends to the throne of Valice


*Year 463

-A Minotaur kills King Warrenís son Prince Ares.

-Struck with grief, King Warren has a huge palace built to commemorate his son.


*Year 468

-Some followers of Farris receive a revelation.

-Anon and Valice come into conflict over border disputes


*Year 471

Beld comes to the kingdom of Sukado


*Year 472

Wort comes to the kingdom of Sukado




*Year 473

-Earthquake in the Hakuryama Mountains

-Nice (Older Nice) removes the curse from Ice Dragon Bramd

-King Buruk of Sukado releases a powerful demon, which kills him and summons an army of demons using the cursed Sword Soul Crusher

-The Kingdom of Stone is raided by demons.The beginning of the Demon War

-Sukado annexes Enon

-The Knight Faun goes to the Minotaur Palace to try to fight the demons

-Demons attack the Forest of Mirrors

-The alliance of the Dragons is abolished after it is discovered the King Buruk summoned the demons and an army of knights is raised to battle the demons.Moss declares war against the kingdom of Valice after a sneak attack by unknown forces destroyed many of their knights.

-Beld kills the demon leader responsible for the attacks on Raiden.

-The call goes out from Raiden to gather the 100 most powerful fighters and form an army from them to combat the demons.

-The order of the Dragon Knights is formed

-Demons attack Enon

-The city of Raiden is raised in a surprise attack by demons

-Rudo undergoes a riot and all those who follow the White Lord are killed

-King Warren of Valice dies

-The armies of the Highlands of Moss unite and are led by a refugee King.

-A doppelganger posing as Faun steals 3 holy artifacts from Valice. The real Faun is disgraced and vows to recover the artifacts.

-The Armies of Moss clash with the Armies of Valice.Moss is overwhelmed.

-Nasher convinces the leaders of Moss and Valice to sign a peace treaty and agree to fight the demons together.

-Masketo leaves moss

-Golden King Dragon Meissen is awakened

-Karla steals the Mirror of Truth from the Dragon Bramd


*Year 474

-The Dragon Meissen joins with the army of Moss and the 100 Brave

-Masketo is released

-Nasher becomes the commander of the 100 Brave

-The Cursed Sword Soul Crusher kills Nasher

-Most of the 100 Brave are killed assaulting the Labyrinth of the Devil King.The Six Heroes manage to slay the Devil King.

-Mop-up operations continue in each country to destroy remaining demons


*Year 476

The Devil War is declared over


*Year 480

Woodchuck is imprisoned


*Year 496

Faun ascends the throne of Valice


*Year 497

Beld is declared the Dark Emperor of the Marmo Empire


*Year 499

Ashram joins Emperor Beldís Army



-The kingdom of Moss is founded

-(Alecrust) Kashue defeats Romaru of Reid to win his freedom from slavery in the Gladiator pits


*Year 503

-Dwarf Mine cave in, Ghim injured

-Radia is taken over by Karla

-(Alecrust) Kashue wins the title of Sword Master and is set free to become an adventurer

-Reona runs away from Kannon

-A dark priest comes to power and takes over the Blazing Tribe


*Year 504

The Wind Tribe hires Kashue on as a mercenary


*Year 506

-Kashue destroys the seal that traps Jin in the Tower of Dust Devils

-The kingdom of Flame is founded and soon forms an alliance with Valice


*Year 507

The kingdoms of Mani and Rorun are annexed by Flame


*Year 508

Slayne moves to Zakson


*Year 509

Wagnard exacts his revenge and destroys the School of Mages


*Year 510

-Deedlit leaves the Forest of No Return for the Human world

-Pan and Eto battle goblins in the area around Zakson

-Ghim visits Slayne and asks him to go on an adventure

-The army of Marmo invades Kannon.Thus starts the War of Heroes

-Woodchuck released from prison and joins Pan and friends

-Pan and friends learn of the plan to assassinate King Kashue and foils it

-Pan and friends rescue Princes Fianna and return her to Valice

-Kingdoms form alliance to battle Army of Marmo

-Alania declares war on Marmo

-Marmo consolidates forces and readies more attacks

-King Kadmos VII of Alania is assassinated by his brother Duke Raster at the Royal Ball.People of Alania rebel.The Army of Alania breaks away from Alliance to battle Marmo

-Dragon Scar (Enon) obtains a Fire Giant and rebels from the Kingdom of Moss.The army of Moss is forced to drop out of the Alliance to battle the invasion of Marmo


-The Army of Marmo and Valice fight on the plains east of Roid.The Army of Flame later joins the battle.King Faun and Emperor Beld both fall in single combat and the Heroic War is concluded.

-Pan and friends manage to defeat Karla in battle and save Radia

-Moss manages to defeat the armies of Dragon Scar and Dragon Breath

-Slayne and Radia are married

-Zakson forms a militia.Population grows due to the number of refugees flowing into Zakson.


*Year 512

-Efrit is released and terrorized local tribes

-Deedlit escapes from the Jin at the Tower of Dust Devils

-The Blazing Tribe is defeated.Narudeia is killed during the war.The Blazing Tribe joins the Kingdom of Flame.

-Birth of little Nice


*Year 514

-The Dragon Narse awakens

-The Dragon Shooting Star awakens


*Year 515

-The Eye of Esutsa visits the human world twice

-Elements of Duke Rasters army attacks Zakson but are repelled by the militia there

-The leader of the Thieves Guild of Raiden, Fuosa, is killed.A new Thieves Guild is constructed

-Eto ascends the throne of Valice

-The Army of Flame begins operations against the Dragon Shooting Star in the Dragon Hunting Grounds

-Ashram is seen in Taba after killing the dragon Bramd to visit Nice

-The Army of Flame is defeated by Shooting Star

-Ashram travels to Blue Dragon Island to kill the Dragon Eibura

-King Kashue and Ashram manage to kill the dragon Shooting Star at Fire Mountain.

-Death of Orson

-Flame annexes Raiden

-Roderik find the Giant Slayer Sword and kills a giant

-The kingdoms of Valice, Alan and Marmo recover from the War of Heroes.

-Kannon forms an army

-Slayne becomes Court Mage for Flame


*Year 520

The Curse protecting the Forest of No Return is lifted


*Year 524

Death of older Nice


*Year 525

-Marmo annexes Alan.

-Duke Raster forms alliance with Marmo.Duke Raster then sends his army out to annex Novice and territories north of the Forest of No Return

-Duke Rasterís army performs surprise raids against Zakson and Brunei.

-Outbreak of the Evil Goddess War.Several Dark Elves break into Flame artifact vault and steal Crystal Ball of Souls.

-Spark is sent on quest by King Kashue to recover lost artifact

-Army of Flame set off for hills of Alania.Duke Rasterís army and Flame army fight near the Large Shrine to Faris in Roid.

-Staff of Life is stolen

-Army of Flame battle to retake Novice with help of Zakson Militia

-Moss manages to reunite Highlands and Enon

-Allied forces of Flame and Zakson Militia attack Duke Rasterís army on the Main Road north of Alania.With the support of Wart and the Dwarves led by Furebe they defeat Duke Rasterís Army.

-Army of Marmo attack Roid.Eto leads Valice against Marmo with help from Kannon

-Duke Raster executed, Roderick takes over royal throne of Alania

-Free Army of Kannon disbanded

-Governing Assembly of Marmo disbanded

-Sarubado offense and defense war.Last war of allied forces and Marmo at Perusei area.

-Karla removed from crown

-Wagnard defeated, End of Evil Goddess War

-Ashram takes his followers and leaves Lodoss


*Year 526

Flame absorbs Marmo and turns it into a Dukedom lead by Spark


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