The Ancient Magics of Kastruel

Here is some information on magic that I dug up off of the internet.  Most of this information comes from the original Sword World rpg and is related to how the ancient kingdom of Kastruel developed magic.

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Magic Systems of Kastruel:

 Origin of Kastruelian Magic

 Fundamental Magic (Sorcery)
 Large Magic (Elemental)
 Summoning Magics (Conjuring)
 Enlarged Magics (Enhanse)
 Spirit Magic (Necromancy)
 Hallucinatory Magic (Illusion)
 Base Magic (Creation)
 Spirit Magic (Chamu)
 Unified Magic (Wizardry)

Origin of Kastruelian Magic
The ten systems of magic were created by the "Founder" a great wizard from the ancient Kingom of Kastruel who was also responsible for the creation of that ancient kingdom.

Each system of magic was called a "Gate" and each Gate was ruled over by a Noble of Kastruel who passed down the tittle in a hereditary type system.  Every 30 years the Gate Lords would hold a meeting to select a new Emperor to rule for the next 30 years.

Fundamental Magic (Sorcery)

Counter Incantation
Sense Magic
Dispell Magic
Magic Protection
Translate Language
Command Golem
Dispell Order

Large Magic (Elemental)
Elemental mages manipulate base power to mainly create aggressive effects.  They harnes "chaotic magic" to create the desired effecst by combining two elemental forces.  For example they would combine "land" and "flame" to create "magma".  Madan Barusas is a well known Elemental mage who developed the idea of combining elemental forces to power technological contraptions.

Increase Weight
Decrease Weight
Fuoring Control
Fire Weapon
Fire Ball
Lightening  Bind
Control Gravity
Control Weather

Summoning Magics (Conjuring)
Summoners use magic to create a gate to pull other creaters or objects too them.  One well known summoner was Hadoa Geraruk who developed the Meteor Strike spell.  He tried plotted to overthrow Emperor Ramsey of Kastruel by starting a civil war and put Lord Azunadeir in power but they were defeated and sentanced to death for there actions.  He also created the "Deepest Labyrith" in what is now known as Kannon.  The Labyrinth is considered the largest Demon Trap in existance and a gate still exists there, sealed and watched over by Wart of the original Six Heroes of legand.

Summon Lesser Demon
Summon Greater Demon
Meteor Strike

Enchanters manipulate items and create magical objects with their use of magic.  They are also capable of creating golems.  One well known enchanter was Bunn who created the Anburedo for the magical Kingdom of Lamrais.  Another great Enchanter was Buran who created the magical air fortresses that the kingdom of Kastruel used to maintain their power over Forceria.  He aided Lord Azunadeir with his ambition to overthrow Emperor Ramsey.

Enchant Weapon
Sleep Cloud
Create oku
Create Stone Servent
Hard Rock
Create Device
Summon Dragon Warrior
Create Golem
Shiru Enchantment
Death Cloud

Enlarged Magics (Enhance)
Enhancement magic is used to unlock the hidden potention of the physical body.  Ramsey, the 152nd and final Emperor of Kastruel was one of the most well know of these type of magicians.  He revived the infinite magical power of Kastruel by building a Pinical of Magic, and made this place his throne.  Lord Azunadeir tried seizing the throne by calling for a reelection for the throne, causing a civil war to break out.  Ramsey's side won but he was killed and his son Faram was made emperor who later renamed the capital city of Kastruel Furion after himself.

Strike Len Camphor Tree(?)
Furur Potentiol

Spirit Magic (Necromancy)
Necromancers build and manipulate the undead.  One goal of many necromancers is to become undead themselves as a way to attain imortality.  One well known necromancer , Rutejia,  became an immortal litch with the aid of some magical equipment created by Hadoa Geraruk

Create Undead
Reisu Form
Become Liche

Hallucinatory Magic (Illusion)
Practitioners of the hallucinatory gate use thier magic to build illusions and manipulate.  Mara Ajunis was a very powerful illusionist who created an entire illusionary city as the capital of her kingdom.

Control Sound
Copy Self
Create Image
Illusion Bea Strike

Primal Magic (Creation)
Mages adept in the primal gate are capable of making objects or manipulating matter to whatever they desire.  The more skilled primal magicians are capable of creating living magical creatures.  It is believed that the gods were so adept in shaping primal forces that they used this type of magic to manipulate and create various creatures in Forceria.

Energy Bolt
Body Protection
Shape Change
Force Field
Blade Net

Spirit Magic (Chamu)
Mages trained to use the spirit gate are capable of manipulating spirits.  The mages of Kastruel were said to be so powerful that they could actually destroy the souls of their enemies.  Mages capable of doing this were the most prized assasins and this was Prince Fuaramis's favorite way of disposing his enemies.  Leigh Buraser was one of the most well known sprit mages.

Sense Enemy
Counter Sense
Lead Mind
Control Mind

Unified Magic (Wizardry)
Only the most gifted practitioners of magic are able to follow this path since their main goal is to master each of the other nine gates.  One well known wizard was Fuaram who was Emperor Ramsey's sone.  He was able to learn all nine gates and even discovered the secrets of the gates while still very young. After his father was slayne durring the civil war to depose him, Fuaram became Emperor in his place.

No true wizards survive in the world of Forceria except for Karla the Grey Witch who watches over the savage tribes and tries to guide them in her own way.  She realizes that the arts developed by Kastruel have been lost and that the magic of the world has been weakened and awaits the day when they are revived and rejuvenated.  The only mage who would have know what had happened to the magic was possible Monkey Ban but he has been dead for hundreds of years.

As the name suggests, the branch of wizardry contains all of the spells listed above.

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