The Gods of Forceria

Here are the major dieties of Lodoss.  I don't have much information on the gods of Lodoss but I did get a lot of information on the Crystanian Gods from the Manga.  I'm still trying to get some stuff translated so I should have something regarding the mythology and history of Lodoss soon.

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Gods featured on this page:

Gods of Lodosss
 Cha Za

Gods of Crystania

Gods of Lodoss

Atsuki- The First God

Faris- God of Light

Faris was formed from the left hand of Atsuki.

Kardis- God of Darkness

Kardis was formed from the right hand.

Marfa- Mother God of Creation

Marfa was formed from the body of Atsuki.

Mairi- God of War

Born from the right foot of Atsuki, the first god.

Cha Za- God of Trade and Luck

Formed from the left foot of atsuki.

Rada- God of Knowledge

Formed from the head of Atsuki.

Gods of Crystania

These are the gods of Crystania.  They fled Lodoss during the war of the gods and were hunted by the Dragon King of Death.  They abandoned their godly bodies and took animal bodies in order to fool the dragon.

Divine Beast Ramis

Especially strong gods of Crystania are called "Divine Beast Kings" and are Royal Gods of the Five Pillars. Ramis is one of them and appears as a giant rainbow hued snake. Ramis is a guardian god. He made the 4 gates of "ice", "water", "wind", and "fire" and divided the world up into three parts, the "material", "fairy", and "spirit". He created the "Rampart of the Gods" to save crystania from the War of the Gods and to cut it off from the rest of the world. The surface of the rampart resembles the scales of a snake. Ramis also created the lizard men to defend Crystania from invasion. Ramis will do anything to keep invaders out and will destroy those who try to find Crystania.

Divine Beast Fuzui


Fuzui is the goddess that administrates affection and sorrow to the dead and leads them to the spirit-world. When King Dragon was sent to find the neutral gods, Fuzui abandoned her divine body and took that of a pure white swan.

700 years ago it was decided in the cycles that her tribe would suffer from some great disaster. She wasn't able to bear the decision and became the first god to object to the cycles. She created the peninsula of Danarn as a heaven away from the cycles and led her tribe there where they would be safe. When the Swan Tribe lost the cycle's protection, they were influenced by the power of chaos and viciousness and were annihilated by plague. She was powerless to stop their destruction in this way and wept for their loss.

500 years ago another people found Danarn. Fuzui guided them and showed them compassion. They selected the pattern of a large swan as their royal crest. She has become their protector since the passing of her own people.

Divine Beast Resufuen- God of Chaos and Dreams

During the War of the Gods, Resufuen was one of the neutral gods who decided to flee the war and create a new land to rule over. They created the land of Crystania using the material chaos. When the King Dragon was dispatched to punish the neutral gods, Resufuen left his divine body and took that of a butterfly. He appears as a giant, multi-colored butterfly whenever appearing on the material plane. The followers of Resufuen believe that happiness can be achieved through dreams since in dreams you can have anything. They will madly pursue dreams and fantasy in order to achieve this happiness. There numbers are few due to their convictions and followers of the other gods scorn and distrust them.

Divine Beast Fuenes

Time in Crystania goes in cycles and Fuenes is the god that administers the cycles. He is one of the most powerful gods of Crystania and is one of the Royal Gods of the Five Pillars. His brother is Faris who is the protector of the months for Lodoss. He took the form of a Giniro Wolf, an intelligent beast the sighting of which is considered good luck. His followers are of the Silver Wolf Tribe.

Divine Beast Urus

Urus is one of the Royal Gods of the Five Pillars. He took the form of a giant gray bear in order to escape from the King Dragon. Urus is also know as the Foundation King and is the god that guards the cave where evil is sealed away. He is also responsible for sealing away the King Dragon.

Divine Beast Barabas

Barabas is considered the King of the Beasts and appears as a fierce tiger. He is one of the strongest gods of Crystania and is one of the Royal Gods of the Five Pillars. He harbors a strong hatred for the King Dragon who forced him to abandon his divine body and wishes to exact revenge on him. When Ashram came to Crystania, Barabas saw an opportunity to get a body and asked Ashram for his in exchange for entrance into Crystania. Barabas has plans to revive his divine power and take a more aggressive role in Forceria.

De Leon (pictured on the Left)

De Leon is the Judge of the Gods and is the God of Law. Anything done without his consent has no authority. De Leon took the form of a golden lion. The people of the De Leon's tribe are greatly respected for their opinions and their approval is greatly sought after.

Fortino (pictured on the Right)

Fortino looks like an old man with gray hair and is nicknamed the "Watchman". He is said to have a giant magical eye that he uses to watch over all of Crystania. He lives on top of Saint Mountain and can watch all of the neutral gods and Crystania from there. He keeps a look-out for evil invaders and monitors the activity of the other divine beasts. He prefers solitude and whenever he does make an appearance in front of the tribe for a special reason it is kept secret.

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