Continents of Forceria 

The continents of Forceria were creations for 3 very different RPG publishers.  The creators of the Sword World RPG created Alecrust.  Lodoss was created by Kodokawa books and Crystania was created by Media Works.  These lands still inhabit the same world even though they operate under different rules systems and world guides have even been written so that your characters from Lodoss could fight alongside Sword World characters.

On Earth there are different regions like India, France, and the South Pole.  Each different region has different climates, cultures, and aspects.  For these reasons Forceria also has this diversity.

I will illistrate it with the following.

(World)            (Area)                  (Rule System)       (Publishing Company)
Forceria--- Alecrust Continent     Sword World RPG   Fujimi Publishing
     --------- Kaymal Continent     Sword World RPG    (Unpublished)
     --------- Lodoss Island            Lodoss RPG            Kodokawa
     ---------  Crystania                   Crystania RPG         Media Works

Even though these areas are seperated by different rules systems and publishers they are still similar enough to play in if you keep the following in mind.

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Continental Characteristics
I will state the differences each are has.

Crystania will be introduced distinctly since it differs so greatly.

Taking into consideration the difficulties characters would have to endure to travel to a different continent, having a continent hopping campaign would be a very interesting thing to play.

Here is a summary of the differences in each area.  Please refer to the specific world guide for greater details.

Alecrust and the Azan Islands
-Ancient Kingdom of Kastruel still maintains a capital on this continent.
-Has the largest population of all the lands of forceria.
-This is the only land that he Grass Runners live in and co-habitate with humans.

-The animals of Kaymal are omnivorous
-Most plants are deadly and poisonous
-Many insane people wander teh land and posses a special ability called "chaos".
-The most inteligent creature to inhabit the land are goblins.
-The inhabitants of the continent build a peculiar matrilinea society dedicated to the goddes who they call Queen Kyurafu.  They are dedicated to fighting the "chaos".

-The only republic to loose it's independance is Raiden.
-Dragon Knights exist in Lodoss

-Crystania is the southernmost continent from Alecrust.  It is further south then Lodoss  "the Cursed Island".  The island of Crystania was created by the gods during the War of the Gods when neutral gods fleeing the war escaped to the far corner Forceria and created the island.  The stories of Crystania don't begin until 300 years after men from Lodoss led by Ashram land on the island.

One of the most differnt things about Crystania is that there exist men who have transcended and become "Divine Beasts".

What is a "Divine Beast"?
The story goes back to the time of the War of the Gods.  When the neutral gods created Crystania they had to abandon their godly bodies in order to escape the ancient dragons that were sent to destroy them.  They took the bodies of the animals in order to trick King Dragon of Divine Murder.  As they took animal bodies they were unable to use their full divine power but they were able to interfere with the world directly.

They are capable of ruling humans through Avatars who embody a portion of their essance.  The Avatar has the powers of the beast their god inhabits and can even transform into that beast at will. (In order to take on greater power from their gods they would have to sing an incantation).

Divine Beasts devote themselves as guardians of a tribe.  They for the most part act as moderators in tribal disputes and give guidance.

The world of Crystania is governed by Cycles.  A cycle can last for several thousand years or several eternities.

This is one thing that the mages of the ancient kingdom of Kastruel didn't know about.  It is also one of the reasons why they weren't able to master the world of Forceria.  They were ruled by the cycle of time and it brought about the colapse of their civilization.

Similar histories are repeated in the cycles.  The cultures and civilizations devolpe in the same ways according to the cycles.  The same holds true for the people of Crystania.

After the races of the outer world invaded Crystania and the gods began to war and the cycle was abandoned.  Chaos entered into Crystania.

Each Divine Beast compels the people of Crystania to band together and gather into tribes.  They compel their followers to "collect information concerning disorder in their world".

If you need more information on Crystania I advise that you purchase the following rule book.

Crystania Rule Book (Currently out of print)
ISBN 4-07-301084-0
Mizuno  3600 yen

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Difference in Continental Races
Another way to illustrate the differences in the different continents is by the many races that inhabit each.

The lizardmen of Crystania have rainbow colored scales since they were created by the god Rumis, the "Rainbow Serpent".  As for the lizardmen who inhabit Mejion of Alecrust, they have dull gray scales.  As for the lizardmen of eastern Alecrust, I have no idea what they look like.

Another difference in the lizardmen is their capabilities.  The noble lizardmen of Alecrust are capable of casting incantations of the Dragons.

A lizardman of Crystania that has rainbow colored scales is considered an avatar of Rumis and can call upon the god for aid.  The same can be said of the Crimson Ant Emperor Koroise who sets his avatars apart by coloring them a bright crimson red.

There are many other differences besides lizardmen.

Minotars of Alecrust are lowly, evil beasts who have minor intelligence.  There are no females of their race.  The minotars of Crystania are intelligent people who belong to the tribe governed by Mosukos, the god of Judgment who took the body of a bull.  His people can turn into minotars at will.

The lynx is an illusionary creature on Alecrust.  Their spirits are enbodied in a Ligunia stone.  In Crystania the people who follow the Divine Beast Merukish, the god of true knowledge, can turn into a large, spotted, wild cat.

So far I have gone over some of the difference between the different settings in Forceria.  It was hoped that someday these settings would be unified under one central rule system.  I just hope that this introduction can help you a little.

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