Subject: Lodoss Wars: Dark Night Disaster Turn 1-1
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     For starters I can tell you that your character is in the kingdom of Alania
     in the capitol Alan.  His father is Baron Kerik Mendal who belongs to the
     royal court at Spider Web Castle (I didn't make that up) and he's deeply
     involved in the intrigue that goes with it.  Most consider him a positive
     force in the local government, a few though wouldn't feel bad if he dropped
     dead suddenly which keeps you very busy in your duties as adopted son/body
     Your brother Raif Mendal is a roguish type of rapscallion who flirts
     lightheartedly from one social gathering to another.  You take him for a
     bafoon since he isn't serious at all and spends most of his time partying
     and having a good time.  His favorite pastime is attending the many social
     gatherings at the castle and rubbing elbows with the upper class.  You have
     noticed though that on the nights that he isn't partying he disappears for
     hours at a time with no notice.  He usually laughs off your questions or
     gives you some lame excuse (ex. You:  Where were you last night, I came to
     ask you something at two candles past and you weren't in bed?  Raif:  I
     have something going on with the bakers daughter and that's the only time
     she has free).
     So enough with the background, this is a role playing game not the
     midnight essay writing contest.  You are attending a royal function to
     celebrate the birth of Duke Gilcrests first son.  Your father is in
     attendance and so is your brother who has been flitting from group to
     group.  You notice a shadow cross his face as he goes past a group of
     merchants talking in the corner.  How odd, how you brother seems to
     cover up this brief lapse with a curt bow to a young lady, he even
     spills some of his drink as he does it.  So clumsy.
     Your father Kerik is socializing with several other merchants, members
     of the Artobo family as he tries to wrangle some trade deal to sell
     goods to far off Raiden.  You know that they have strong ties with the
     local dwarves at Iron Kingdom, your father just hopes that they can use
     these connections to sell local resources to the Dwarves.
     You seem to be watching everything as he makes his deal.  He gives you
     a stern look meant to tell you to enjoy yourself, everything is fine
     but for some reason something doesn't seem right.
     As you stand there and ponder things Leean, daughter of the Guard
     Captain Sherok, saunters over too you.  She's wearing a ball gown that
     is too die for.  Her long brown tresses are immaculately coifed atop her
     head and you catch the faint scent of wild flowers.  You've known her
     for years as the Guard Captains brat but seeing her here, she looks
     dazzlingly provocative and very unlike the little girl with pig tails
     you chased and teased.  "You seem out of sorts this evening, shouldn't
     you be enjoying the festivities?  Come with me." And with that she
     seizes your hand and proceeds towards the dance floor.

Subject: Lodoss Wars: Dark Night Disaster Turn 1-2

 Character Info:
    The sharpest moments of my childhood are those of the Goblin raid
that destroyed my family and the following years as a tough thief on the
streets of Alan.  We where part of a wandering people, some called us
Gypsies, we disliked violence and loved to travel.  My mother was
beautiful...she loved to sing and dance and was the local healer for the
caravan.  She was dark of hair & eye, Raif has her looks and charm,
where      I think I must be a model of my father.  My birth father was a
giant of a man in my memory.  Tall & strong, often soft spoken, with
light sandy blond hair and gray eyes.  He was a stern teacher, who
insisted on education, justice, and peace as a way of life.  I am sorry,
I must be an disappointment for him, for violence has been a part of my
life since that fateful day!
   It was a clear morning when the raid took place, the goblins where
fats in the attack.  I took refuge with Raif in an abandon foliage.  He
was only two at the time...I had just hit my seventh summer.  I kept his
eyes averted and kept him quiet as I watched the goblins slaughter my
people.  I watched as the Goblin Lord raped and killed my mother.  From
that day on, I swore that one day justice and vengeance would sweep the
land clear of the beast that preyed on men! The goblin race must and
will be exterminated!
   Somehow, after the carnage was over, I found a horse and some
supplies and proceeded to Alan.  I sold my horse when we got there,
hoping to feed my hungry sibling.  It wasn't long until we were broke and
hungry I stole and was caught not by the law, but by the
Thieves' Guild.  The said that they needed someone with my particular
talents.  For the next five years we trained.  I was never a really a
good pickpocket or locksmith, Raif excelled in those areas, but I was an
exceptional scout and new security systems like few others.  Myself and
Raif could get in and out of anything!  Except for the time he got
arrogant and was caught by Baron Mendal's men.  Damn his hide, I had no
choice but to rescue him.  I snuck into Baron Menialís' estates with ease
and found Raif sound asleep in a huge bed.  I didn't know that it was a
   I saw the baron step out of the shadows and smile at me.  Oh shit I
thought, they can't catch me.  My dagger was out of my sheath and in the
air before I realized it.  The Baron wasn't expecting it easier, but
guard Captain Sharock was.  He knocked the blade out of the air with a
sweep of his sword.  I was a big lad for my age, but at that point I
knew that I was in over my head.
   "I just want my brother back," I replied, "he is the only family I
got, and I'll be damned if you are going to throw him in any prison!"
   "Boy, I am not going to throw you or your brother into any prison.  I
want to help you.  Falis knows that I could have you both thrown
in...for trespassing and attempted murder.  But something stops me.
Stay here, and I'll protect you."
   "You can't protect us from the Thieves' Guild."
    "Just try me lad."
    I know now why he did it.  He had just lost his son in the falling
sickness, and was unmarried.  He saw his son and wife in Raif, and
himself in me.  Maybe that is why he puts up with Raidís' tirades.  After
his last ten years of kindness, and him adopting us.  WE both love him
like a father.  I would do anything for him and this family, I swear it
on my honor as a Mendal.
    My youth there was spent teasing Leean.  She was the ugliest girl I
knew!  Who knew that a transformation would take place.  And she would
grow into a lovely young woman.
    I quickly picked up on all things military and came quiet adapt with
a sword, impressing even Guard Captain Sharock to the point that he
called in a new teacher.  Dhorgar was a tough Dwarven warrior, who beat
me senseless for the next few years.  Between him, Sharock, Father, and
a priest of Falis named Nathan, I was trained and become a warrior who
appreciated justice and mercy above all things.  I still have a burning
hatred for goblins, ogres, and kobolds and will still see them driven
back to hell where they belong.  I have been successful in many a battle
against them, and am good at tactics.
   I have been acting as a Lord Protector for my fathers' estates
recently.  With Dhorgar gone back to the mountains and Nathan recently
passed away with old age, and his young protégé Mihkail (one of my only
true friends besides Dhorgar, Leean, and Raif.) gone to the main temple,
it has been hell!
   Now I am at a party dancing with one of the loveliest girls in the
ballroom...yet something is amiss.  I tell her she looks lovely and she
actually blushes.  I didn't know Leean could blush.  This from the girl
who used to beat up Raif as a kid.  I guess we aren't children anymore.
Anyway I tear my eyes of her and look back at Father, I see a look in
his eyes as he smiles at me.  Then I blush damn it ain't fair.  I have
been through more than most, and here I am blush like a wee girl...or
perhaps Raif!

How do you like that Dave.   Picture Parn with blond hair, gray eyes,
and a little bigger.  His armor is silver instead of bronze, and his
undercoat is red instead of green.  With a black scarf around his
shoulder, and black gloves and boots with white trim.  Some stats from
fusion  Str 8, Ref 7, Int 6, Dex 8, Tech 4, Wil 5.  The rest are up to
you.  He is both strong and fast.  carries a long sword (again look at
Parn, with a black hilt.  And a long dagger on his belt behind his back,
plus on in a boot sheath.  Carries a Long spear when mounted.  Some
talents or whatever:  Handsome, High Pain Threshold (Dwarven made),
Light sleep (thief made), and combat reflexes lvl 1.  Maybe one or two
other you discretion.  Plus an expert in Law & Security, with stealth,
and streetwise.  His name is Jonas Mendal.  If this is a heroic
campaign, and I am the only player, then how about one fine weapon made
by dwarves, a gift from Dhorgar.  My sword, and Iíll either name it
Justice or Lawgiver.

Subject: Lodoss Wars: Dark Night Disaster Turn 1-3

You forget about your worries and concentrate on the dance.  A small
orchestra is playing "The Waltz of Surien" and well no less for the
nobility.  The deft and subtle tones of the music almost sound like the
wondrous miracle of magic being crafted in some adventurous labor.  As
the song winds down and the audience begins to clap the waif-ish handmaiden
of Queen Celia , Rhia Nicolo, approaches.
She has the dark complexion of a girl from the Flame Kingdom and a long
and slender waist.  She is almost as beautiful as Leean and for some
reason you smell a trap.
"Excuse me Jonas, I must be off to the powder room.  Rhia, would you be a
dear and keep Jonas company?  Thank you." and off she goes before you have
a chance to protest.
You feel somewhat nervous since you really haven't known Rhia for a long
time and she never looks so radiant, usually she looks rather plain.  You
feel set up.

1-4 >    "You look very lovely tonight," I say with a slight smile, "and my
thanks tonight for keeping me 'company'."

Just as the orchestra begins another waltz you hear the distinctive sound
of flesh on flesh (a slap) followed by a commotion on the other side of
the ball room.  The orchestra dies down as you rush over.  You see Raif to
one side of a large crowd that has gathered around him and Rofel Wiegrief,
son of Lord Agrias Wiegrief.  He is cupping a rather large hand shaped
welt on his cheek while Leean restrains him from launching himself at
Rofel.  Rofel on the other hand is cupping what appears to be a broken
nose and being restrained by a few of his "cronies", one a tall skinny
beanpole named Del and the other a short stocky pasty faced lad named
Balk.  Rofel points at Raif and says accusingly "Watch your slanderous
tongue.  I'm going to have to teach you a lesson you'll soon not forget."
"As far as lessons go, why don't we meet at the Muddy Watering Hole around
six-ish to see who will do the learning" spat Raif a look of anger crossing
his already darkened face.  "Maybe we can discuss how it came to happen
that mister Volmer died in that wagon accident yesterday afternoon".
You reach Raif just as you see your father descend on the crowd.  "Let's
be civil, if there is any wrong doing we can discuss it in private.  Let's
get back to enjoying the festivities everybody.  I'm sure Fararis wouldn't
appreciate any hostilities on his day."

Subject: Lodoss Wars: Dark Night Disaster Turn 1-4

>   "Yes," I say rather pleasantly, "why don't we discuss this in the
adjoining chamber.  In fact I INSIST on it.  Don't worry Father, I can
handle this I am sure."
>   If my Father walks away, I make sure know one else moves.  "Now boys
we can discuss what is going on or I can beat it out of you one by
one...oh yeah and Rofel before we start, if you ever threaten my brother
again without a challenge first, you will answer directly to my boot in
you arse!  And Raif, if you embarrass this family again at this party,
I'll see that Guard Captain Sherok has enough night shift of duty for you
to pull for a long time.  Leean will you please excuse us.  Now boys let
us have that talk."

Subject: Lodoss Wars: Dark Night Disaster Turn 1-5

Your father steps away, a look of worry furrows his brow.  As he
leaves, he pulls you close and says in your ear, "watch out for Rofel, I
fear this has the mark of his father upon it."

You take charge of Raif from Leean and hustle him away to the
antechamber with Rofel and his mob.

     "This has nothing to do with you" says Rofel as he shakes of his
  lackeys, "I plan on settling this with that bastard brother of yours
     You notice that while Rofel had your attention with his little speech
  that Del, the lackey to his right, begins to ready a spell and that Balk
  seems to be reaching for something behind his back.  You sense that
  they're tensed for action but you know they wouldn't try anything with
  Leean around, She tagged along with you after you hustled into this room.
  "Gentleman please, why must you persist in this?" asked Leean as she
  steps in between you.  "Can't you just forget it?">>
  >>   "I have three things I want to happen now...first off is you had
  better call off your cronies Rofel before I get aggravated.  I am not
  here to trade blows with any of you lads, and I would hate to spill
  blood in front of this fine lass here wouldn't you?"  If they back off
  I'll be mellow; if not I tense a little and give Raif one of those
  follow my lead looks. (Be advised Dave, I doubt that I am wearing my
  sword; but I alway s have at least two daggers ready.  Once at my belt
  and another under my sleeve. >>
 Rofel's two cronies seem to back down but they stay on guard.
  >>   "Second, I want to know what Mr. Volmer's death has to do with
  this.  And finally I want to know what is really going on?!!">>
 "Volmers was just a simple farmer who had an accident last week and your
feeble brother seems to think that I had something to do with it.  I can't be
responsible for every peasant who gets thrown from a wagon and breaks his
neck, can I?"  Say's Rofel with a mock look of innocence plastered across
his face.
      "Raif has insulted my honor and for that he must pay" says Rofel.
  >>  "Is this true Raif?"  But before he can answer I simply shake my
  head and reply softly, "Yes, it probably Rofel how do you want
  to respond to this.  One, we can forget this incident or two we can
  solve this on the field at the Old Barracks.  You were just knighted,
  right lad?"  I say while pulling my glove & hurling it at his feet.
  "You have been challenged tomorrow at noon, in the name of Holy Falis &
  Marfa, do you accept or is your honor forfiet?">>
 Raif almost goes into a fit "you have no right butting in, this is my fight,"
he rages.  He breaks free of your grasp and whirls on you.  "Rofel is mine and
I plan on setting this right without your interference."  He begins to stalk
off.  As he does he reaches down and retrieves your glove and throws it back
at you.  "Save it".  He steps into Rofel and says barely loud enough for you
to hear "Remember your appointment at the Watering Hole."
1-6 >>  I look quietly at my brothers' retreating back and think to myself
 'Lad you can't protect him forever.  He is a grown man...this is his
 battle.  You can give him your support, but Rofel IS a good
 fighter...damn it.  Let the boy win his honor.'>>

 As your brother stalks off Rofel softly claps his hands together "bravo, I
hope your brother puts up more of a fight then you."

1-6 >>  I glare contemptuously at Rofel and say to him, " You arrogant fop, I
 was trying to save your hide!  I WILL get to the bottom of this though &
 when I do, if murder is involved not even your family can help you.
 Laws bind both high and low in Alania, isn't that what the Canon says!">>
Rofel then says "I wonder how you shall settle this, maybe you can fight
each other for the honor of meeting me on the field.  I do so hope you invite
me to such a fight."  His laughter taunts you as he moves away.

Lodoss Wars: Dark Night Disaster Turn 1-6

>>  "Be advised Rofel before you go, if you get lucky and win and Raif
 is in any way harmed...I will kill you.  As he moves away I look at
 Leean and say, "if you don't know what is going on, find out from Raif,
 he doesn't tell me much anymore...but he seems to be friendlier towards
 you.  I know he trusts you.  I will speak with Father and  my friend
 Lord Judge Tolwyn and check a few things out.  Tell him Rofel is his,
 but he will have to meet with me.  I trained with Rofel...I know his
 weaknesses." As she walks out with me and we separate I add
  "thanks for the intended hook up, but I haven't got enough time for
 much of a social life anymore..."

1-7 "I understand, it's not like when we were younger," says Leean.  "What about
 Raif, he seems to be acting strangely as of late.  He looks different too,
 leaner and a little harried."
 You say noticed it also but haven't had a chance to say anything.  Any time
 you've brought it up with Raif he'd just laugh it off and make a joke.  She
 then goes off after him and you watch her retreating form as she walks off, the
 ball gown swaying like the limbs of a willow tree.  Almost hypnotic.

 >>  I look annoyed, and first look for my Father &then look for the young
 Lady I abandoned to apologize that I cannot dance tonight.

You see your father winding down his little meeting off to the corner of
 the ballroom.  The whole room is abuzz with what just happened between
 Raif and Rofel and you feel your cheeks redden from all of the attention
 your getting on your way over to Kerik.  He waves you over and asks "So,
 what's all of this about?  Raif knows not to stir things up with Weigrief
 especially now."  You know that things have been touchy with Lord Weigrief
 and of the delicate balance of power amongst the courtesans.
 Fortunately the kings father bestowed his favor on Kerik during the Demon
 war years ago, so much so that he served with the 100 Brave who fought the
 Demon King in the ancient Endless Labyrinth.  He was raised up to the
 position of a Baron amongst the Alanian court and given lands and titles
 as a reward for his service.  Before then he was just an upstart fighter
 who joined the military to earn his keep.  Since then he has been somewhat
 of an advisor to the Kings of Alania but it has always been a rough battle
 to sway the king's opinion towards a virtuous path.

1-8 >>   "I am not sure what in the hell is going on, but from what I
gathered it isn't anything new.  They intend to meet at the Watering
Hole to settle this...I am at a lose on what to do about it!  I know how
precarious our position is, and I will see what I can do...I have Leean
talking to him, maybe she can get something out of him.  He is acting way
to strangely lately.">>

  You look for Rhia but don't see her amongst the courtiers at the ball.
 You ask one of your friends who's attending, a young gallant with the
 Lightning Net troops named LT. Jad Kelso, what happened to her.  He tells
 you that she was called off by the queen on some errand and goes back to
 trying to entertain a couple of young lasses with some tales of his
 military exploits while he sloshes down some champagne.

1-8 >>  I leave him to pep talk the lasses, and make sure the guards are
properly watching my Father.  Back to being his Protector.>>

Lodoss Wars:  Dark Night Disaster Turn 1-9
>>>  I leave him to pep talk the lasses, and make sure the guards are
properly watching my Father.  Back to being his Protector.

   Well, nothing interesting happens for the rest of the evening.  You
do see Rhia later on in the evening and ask here to dance.  She moves so
smoothly, like a cat.  You ask her where she was off to but she tells
you it's a secret and that she can't betray her ladies' trust.

>>>  " I understand completely milady, thank you for the dance."
    Later on that evening Duke Gilcrest and his wife Sarmin bring out
their little baby girl Pearl for all to see.  The crowd hushes and
everybody seems to forget about the troubles that evening for just a
moment as they crowd in to get a better look at the baby.  The night
wears on and you loose interest in the ball.  Your thoughts are troubled
and you keep thinking about the your brother, the duel, and how badly
timed it is.  Damn Raif, why do you have to make things so difficult?
You pardon yourself from the rest of the festivities and leave for the
manor with your father who is simularly troubled.